CyberFlix for FireStick | How to Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

This article shows you how to install Cyberflix tv on firestick. Here is the step by step guide for installation.

Why firestick?

Modern word technology introduces ” STREAMING TECHNOLOGY ” for entertaining the people who love to watch tv. This firestick makes it simple. If you can use firestick for your tv it is the easiest way to search your favorite movies and tv shows collection instead of searching one by one.

How does this fire stick work?

Firestick is the new device joined to streaming technology. Let’s see how its works,
First, Fire Stick plugs into your TV port and you giving access to your favorite TV shows, movies, subscription services, music, photos, and games. Now you can take your media set anywhere with you and no need to search again and again to select the favorite list.


Follow the steps to install cyberflix for firestick.

  1. Select “Setting” on the home screen in your fire Tv.
  2. Select “Device”
  3. Chose the option called “Developer Options”
  4. Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”
  5. Its shows you warning message ignore the message and click the button “Turn on”

We recommend you use a VPN to secure your device. VPNs can help you protect your devices from cyber threats. Read the following article How to Install and Use VPN for Cyberflix Tv

There are two different ways to install cyberflix tv on firestick. One is using the downloader and another one is using the ES file installer. Let’s check this out with one by one.

METHOD 1: Install cyberflix on firestick ( Using downloader )

Install downloader on your fire tv and follow the given below.

  1. Click the URL field on your downloader right side.
  2. On the popup, screen keyboard type download cyberflix tv link, Note that this link is not in the screenshot because of the above link available latest version for cyberflix. Click “GO”
  3. After downloader connect with the server click the button “Next”
  4. Scroll down and click the button “Install”
  5. Wait until installation finish and go head with your setting.

METHOD 2: Install cyberflix on firestick ( Using ES File Explorer)

  1. First, download the Download ES File Explorer from Amazon Store and install it.
  2. After Launched ES File, Scroll down and click “Downloader”
  3. Click the button “NEW” on the screen
  4. Fill out the details on the popup window. Path- download, Cyberflix tv (link),  name-Cyberflix tv, and click “Download”
  5. After download cyberflix on ES File Explorer install the file and go ahead with your settings.